Marina & Lake Activities

This is a great fishing lake. Numerous bass clubs hold club tournaments here too. A good challenging time can be found on this lake. Are you up for a good challenge?

The lake was built in 1943. The area of the lake is 1,516 acres of water, 29+ miles of shore line with water depth from 4′ to 45′. The lake record bass was caught in January 2005. The largemouth bass weighed 10.7 pounds and was 24 inches long. It was weighed, measured and released. As far as we know it is waiting to be caught and weighed again. The weight of fish caught range from 1 to 10 pounds.

All the fish that have been brought in and weighed have been released back into the lake. We are looking forward to a good spawn so there will always be plenty of fish to be found here.

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